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How to manage a wedding dress shop?

Popular TV presenter Regina todorenko, which is actively advancing for the marriage of Russian accompanist Vlad Topalov, he abounding the final applicable of the marriage dress, letters the Chronicle.info with advertence to lime Wedding Dresses.About this 29-year-old celebrity said on his page on Instagram. Regina was accompanied by her friend, the arch biking appearance “heads and Tails” Alina Ostrowska and choreographer Helen Chirwa.

Todorenko accustomed that she is actual afraid and at some point even started the hysteria.“Worried? I am aswell a little. Today did the final applicable of the helpmate dresses and bridesmaids. Together began to cry, again laugh, afterwards organized General hysteria” — aggregate affections Regina.Then the presenter remembered that the bride’s angel is not abundant cowards Feeltimes. But this actuality did not agitated her. “It’s not a problem, I can do afterwards them,” accustomed Todorenko.
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